The Original TSM Bumbag

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Inspired by West Africa

Every single one of our prints is designed by Nigerian-born artist Joel Sydenham, inspired by his upbringing, Joel set out to create truly unique designs inspired by rich African culture.

"We wanted to create a collection that took the spirit and beauty of African Print and put a TSM twist on London's streetwear. " 

Exclusive & Homespun

Each bumbag is handcrafted with passion & love, even though the design and pattern are similar each is uniquely positioned so each bumbag has its own personality.

Made with sophistication, we understand the importance of longevity, so we only allow the highest-quality materials to be used.

Fit your phone, purse or wallet and even a vape in our generously sized bumbags with easily adjustable straps. 

Giving Back

There's no doubt about it, Western culture has it much easier than our African friends.

Which is why we are committed to donating 10% of our profits towards the creative communities of Ghana, helping to bridge our societies together.

So not only can you have an awesome bumbag, but also feel great about contributing to a noble cause.