About Us

The Social Mercenary: the revolutionary new ethical clothing brand championing Ghanaian fashion.

Formed in 2016, The Social Mercenary is a new, revolutionary, ethical fashion brand on a mission to bring the beauty of Ghanaian fashion to the UK.

The business was formed by student Jack Fellows who, while volunteering in Ghana, fell in love with the styles and patterns of the West African nation’s fledgeling fashion industry.

“Ghanaian textile industry has faced many years of decline” Jack explains, “What I really love about Ghana is the extensive range of prints and fabrics, and how the Ghanaian people are so passionate and proud about their fashion. During any big occasion, they have their local tailor create an exquisite African print dress or suit to really show off their heritage.”


After immersing himself within the world of Ghanaian fashion Jack maxed out his student loan and returned home with 90 backpacks.

Under the branding of The Social Mercenary (or TSM), he started selling them online and at fashion events across the country.

“I couldn’t believe how popular they were! It was amazing, my friends and family had never seen anything like it and so I decided just to go ahead and do it! It’s not been easy but it’s certainly been worthwhile” Jack said.

Jack used the money from the sale of the bags to fly back to Ghana and build relationships with tailors and ethical factories.

“When I returned I found that some of the tailors I had worked with before had been fronting as middlemen, and getting others to do the actual bag construction. I decided to use an ethical factory that is overseen by Ethical Apparel Africa. This way I could ensure both quality and fair wages for the actual craftspeople.”

Six months later the Social Mercenary expanded it's line of stunning products including shirts, shoes and caps and using a Kickstart campaign to raise money to invest in the production line back in Ghana.

The Social Mercenary went on to win multiple awards such as ISPO and ADOBE NEW BLOOD

“TSM is on a mission to change the world, one step at a time — we really want to disrupt the clothing industry with something very unique, built on a commitment to ethical production “.

The Company That Gives Back

We are proud to be part of the Big Issue Initiative and you can find a wide selection of our goods still on their site. 

“Our first connection with homelessness came when we connected over email with Jacob a young boy who raised £3,560 for supplies to give the homeless just before Christmas and guess what he needed? Yes, Backpacks! We thought it was wonderful to donate our products that had been made with such love and care in Ghana to such a loving and dignifying project."