Haslo – Delicious Hazelnuts from Georgia

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Haslo Limited connects Georgian hazelnut producers with the UK and EU. The hazelnuts we produce are from Georgia because of the richness in flavour and the excellent quality.

Why are Georgian hazelnuts better?

The Eastern coast of the Black sea where Georgia is located offers the perfect mix of conditions for the growth and production of hazelnuts.  Therefore, no need for pesticides is required when they are being cultivated.


Another reason to turn to Georgia is the fact that encouraging production of hazelnuts there will impact the country in a positive way, creating a sustainable business and benefiting the local communities, which are often being pushed to seasonally migrate to Turkey and live in poor conditions in order to harvest hazelnuts there.

Did you know that Nutella owned by the Ferreo family controls approximately 60% of the world’s Hazelnut Supply?

What can I get from Haslo?

Haslo Limited offers a variety of products, such as: hazelnuts in shell, hazelnut kernels, blanched hazelnut kernels, chopped hazelnut kernels, hazelnut flour and hazelnut meal.


The products come in variety of sizes depending on the needs of the customers. All products offered by Haslo Limited are packaged to EU standards and regulations and have gone through a strict quality control. Currently Haslo sell to businesses but they are in fact looking to make hazelnuts into a delicious snack for the likes of you and I.


What’s so great about Haslo?

Haslo Limited’s biggest strength is that it deals directly with Georgian hazelnut producers and supports the local agriculture industry where it is most needed. At the same time the products offered excel in quality and are 100% organic. The prices of the products are competitive because the company is relatively new and wants to break through and get a larger market share and develop. Haslo also donates 1% of their profits to the Georgian community helping workers and children affected by seasonal migration via a specific charity organization working in the country.



Haslo Limited is a great alternative if you are looking to purchase hazelnuts, because you not only get the product on a competitive price, but also receive excellent quality and at the same time support the Georgian agriculture and help create a sustainable business for the local community.

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  1. We are in need of medium size hazelnut unshelled, raw for Iraq. If you can supply then please provide us the best prices for one container for Arbil of Iraq.

    Murteza Safavi

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