Authentic Energy – Jane Fang changed her lifestyle and is now inspiring others to do the same!

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Jane Fang did what we all dream to do – she changed her lifestyle for the better & for good!

She now coaches and motivates others to make positive lifestyle changes. Read about how Jane is championing change in Hong Kong and further afield!

Hey Jane! So tell me have you always been a health and fitness pioneer?

No not at all, before moving to HK my only sport activity was badminton and dancing occasionally.

So how you did you get into yoga and other types of classes?

After moving to HK , I started to enjoy the local food a little too much, and my daily choice of food wasn’t exactly the healthiest, as a result I bloated. So I turned to fitness for solution and joined a gym near work. I was never comfortable inside a gym, so after spending awkward 2 months on swimming, elliptical machine and treadmill, I started to break out of my zone and attended group classes 2-3 times a week. Very soon I became fond of the classes and I started to enjoy exercising regularly.

That’s great – I think we can all relate to that! How you got connected with Wellnessxperts and what you are up to now?

So yoga and various fitness classes had been part of my routine for a few years before I met WXS. In early 2014 I had just got myself certified in 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and while I was searching for a yoga/wellness community online WXS Fitclub Event popped up on my Facebook. I was immediately intrigued by the name WellnessXperts so I went for my first Fit Club bootcamp without knowing anyone. I clearly remember there were only 6 of us in that session including 2 coaches.

“Everyone was friendly and motivating, and I thought the bootcamp was fun and it was interesting to enjoy a shake after the workout.”

But I didn’t have much nutrition awareness back then, so I simply treated it as a refreshing beverage.

Soon after the first session I became a regular Fit Clubber, and with Chris the founder’s encouragement, I started to instruct yoga and partner workout for the club on regular basis. My life and health completely changed when I started to pay attention to the food and learnt about proper nutrition and the 80/20 equation from FitClub. Gradually as the community started to grow, my energy as a coach also organically elevated from only fitness coaching to becoming an all rounder wellness coach. As my passion in wellness grew, not only that I obtained a couple of more qualifications, I also decided to exit full time office job and created Authentic Energy Lifestyle Coaching.

We love to see people breaking the mold Jane. Tell us more about your new passion!

As a full time wellness coach and now a main leader of WXS Fit Club, I practice and preach the 80% Nutrition 20% Fitness philosophy, helping many transform their health and lifestyle via nutrition programs, and active lifestyle coaching. I’m not a “tiger mum” type of coach, I like to treat everyone as a friend, and guide them through the transformation journey as as their buddy or a companion. I split my time between evening Fit Club, daytime Nutrition Club, Home Club and part time fitness coaching gigs.


Evening FitClub at Tamar Park, HK

Authentic Energy started in WXS Fit Club, it started with a vision to help thousands and more to embrace healthy active lifestyle holistically and authentically. Currently I’m focusing on building a team of coaches and ambassadors in HK where we share this vision, and to grow the community and extend the energy beyond Central, HK.

Our coaches come from diverse backgrounds, and each with their own strengths and specialties, together to keep the model fun and versatile. Authentic Energy is also about Turning Passion into Action. So we have a very strong entrepreneurial energy here, and we encourage the coaches and everyone to keep their own passions and dreams alive, and have them fulfilled or supported by the wellness opportunity with us.

It sounds like a whirlwind these past few years are your plans for the future as ambitious?

Afraid so! We will be launching Authentic Star Program very soon. It is an attractive wellness loyalty and rewards program which will be available in club and also online. At the start of 2017, AE Mission 500 Online Community will also come alive, to inspire people from all across the world to be fitter and healthier, and become Authentic Wellness Ambassadors in their parts of the world.

The goal is to help 500 people transform their health through healthy active lifestyle in year 2017, hence the name Mission 500. In the next 5 years, Team Authentic Energy Hong Kong will be branching out to Kowloon and New Territories, and also we want to create the idea of Mobile Fit Clubs around the city. Due to the flexibility and the strong support system of the business model, we are also planning to grow on a global scale. We have already started in Singapore, Malaysia and LA, and we are also keen to build Authentic Energy Clubs in other parts of Asia, and also countries like Australia, UK, Canada and other parts of the US.

Amazing work, Jane! Keep it up 🙂

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